TeamWithout teamwork—working with each other and for each other—it couldn’t work and shouldn’t. Ultimately, every member of our team, in one way or another, has a part in the success of an event, whether in the genesis of ideas, the development or the actual production. That you can rely on everyone for the realization of an event is one thing. But serious consideration must also be given to planning, conception, and organization for a successful outcome.

Our engineering team  
Engineering teamIn short: The on-site orchestrators and producers. Here at the event, everything must come together. The necessary technical equipment must be present, must be mounted and finally must function. There cannot be missing plugs or too-short cables. The course of events must be fine-tuned to the second and all site conditions must be considered. This is the only way that the outcome will be successful and the customer satisfied.
Our programmers  
ProgrammingEverything that is seen and heard by the audience with the lead-in to the show is created beforehand in great detail. This work may take days or weeks. The special feature of this work lies in the faithful implementation of the customer’s specifications for brand recognition, through laser animation. The team works together to find and formulate the images for the development of the theme. Compatible music is chosen to match the theme and the images and then the presentation is rounded out with a video projection. Not only technical understanding is required here, but also imagination, the capability to keep in mind the big picture, while giving attention to every detail.

Our office team  
Office  As in every undertaking, here also it is a matter of the “united spirit” of the company. We are actually a complete “radar station,” where nothing may “disappear” from the screen. Hotel rooms and flights must be booked, appointments and contracts must be made and the equipment must be secured.  And that not only for one show, but sometimes for twenty shows that run parallel in the high season.  At the same time, we establish new contacts and cherish the old, new shows are brought out and presented, and others work in the background and coordinate everything.