International orders are also of interest. Who can claim to have gotten an order from His Highness Prince Faisal bin Khaled bin Abdul Aziz to do a daily multimedia show on the occasion of “Abha Summer Festival” in Saudi Arabia for the duration of two months? In this case, a combination of light, water fountains, and lasers provide the effects.
The Spaniards also were “over the moon,” when Enrico Oswald and his team conjured laser and pyrotechnical works of art in the night sky during the performance of “Cruce de Vidas” in Granada. It was followed by a tour through seventeen Spanish cities. The multi-visional effects were so impressive, even Queen Sofia expressed her esteem to the producers.
More performances and events that we have organized designed and produced to the full satisfaction of our customers:

• The wedding of the football star Michael Ballack
• Opening of the JENOPTIK subsidiary in South Korea
• Opening of the “Sieben Welten” in Fulda
• Multimedia spectaculars for national and regional garden shows
• City celebrations
• Anniversaries